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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  May 2, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i can't just wash it away. killing it takes clinical strength. i only use lotrimin ultra. its powerful formula can even cure severe cases of athlete's foot. nothing cures better. lotrimin ultra. the killer cure. what are you looking at is lafayette street across from the white house. we have a similar gathering at the construction site that marks the ground zero location where both twin towers stood. we are asking people to send in video, i will get you the address. send it into firstperson at msn we will put it on the air, video
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or still pictures, where you live, if there are celebrations of this we should know about. we use the celebration, but the stakes are high. this news will be taken in in various ways around the world. there will be doubt expressed that this is true. that it is him. that he is really dead it. wasn't fabricated. the burden of proof is on the united states. the administration, the white house. it will be interesting to see in what form the evidence is presented. as leaders have met their end in the iraq war, for example. sometimes, a gruesome death photos have been released through the media to prove death to a skeptical parts of the world. we will have to wait and see. for now, what we do know, the
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president of the united states walked into the east room of the white house, announcing that the founder of al qaeda, had been killed. >> tonight i can report to the world, that the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, a person responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. it was nearly ten years ago, eye bright september day was darkened. the images of 9/11 are seered into our memory. hijacked planes tlud a cloudness sky. smoke billowing up from the
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pentagon, the wreckage of flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania, where the actions of heroic citizens saved even more heart break and destruction. we know that the worst images of all are unseen to the world. the empty seat at the dinner table, children that were forced to grow up without their mother or father, parents who would never know the feeling of their child's embrace. nearly 3,000 citizens taken from us. leaving a gaping hole in our hearts. on september 11, 2001, in our time of grief, the american people came together. we offered our neighbors a hand, and offered the wounded our blood. we reaffirmed our ties to each other. and our love of community, and country. on that day, no matter where we came from, what god we pray to, what race or ethnicity we were, we were united as one american family.
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we were also united in our resolve to protect our nation and to bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice. >> president obama in the east room of the white house earlier tonight. you are looking at all the people gathering in lafayette park. we have a similar gathering in ground zero. i have been admonished not to call it flash mob, it sent by definition, but they did form in a flash, after the news came out. all the spontaneous gatherings. i dasegal is interviewing folks it is hard to explain. you know it when you feel it happening. if you live near a place where peat are gathering, it is nice
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to have an excuse to go out, be part of something. a chance to feel good. that is exactly what people in places like new york and washington are doing. as sunday becomes monday, and people are somehow finding very large american flags to bring down to the gatherings. people of all political stripes. rachel maddow called in to say there were bush t-shirts, obama campaign signs. there will be a couple of people with all kinds of garments and phraseology, showing up down there. i am reminded for people who are into history, and coincidences, the death of adolph hitler was announced on may 1, 1945. it will forever be recorded that osama bin laden's death was
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announced on may 1, 2011. david gregory, from "meet the press." spending a long night with us, after getting up early for "meet the press." david, let's continue a conversation we started earlier. the changes to american life, try totally them up, the foreign policy, caused by the attack that was launched by osama bin laden. >> i am looking at the images that you have been describing aptly, back at the white house. i think back to 9/11, running outside of the white house, in fear that it was the target of another hijacked airliner. this is an amazing photo. to see the crowd good morning.
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a young manual, a freshman at the university said he saw students five miles from the white house, running toward the white house. it occurs to me that part of that change was for a generation of americans for whom 9/11 was a childhood nightmare. i call them kids. these are young people, maybe 20 you no. 10, 12 years old when 9/11 happened. for my young children this is something i describe to them, i don't want them to be as scared as they were then. the emotional change led to the change that you describe to our sense of personal vulnerability, security at the airports, and a search for osama bin laden, a search for justice, u.s. power around the world, not just in
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afghanistan, into iraq as well. afghanistan is interesting, the polling, the politics will no doubt be debated. 49% of the population disapprove of the president's handling of afghanistan. what impact will the death of osama bin laden have on all of that? >> that's right. we keep hearing especially from your perch, moderating a broadcast that you moderate. the guests that come on your show, and the people you talk to in the course of an average week that is a, remind me what we are doing over there. what is the status of that conflict? what a great question. this is a jigsaw puzzle. how it could bring about equal or opposite impact. potential threats. folks tuned in, wondering what
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monday will be like. we have no reason to know of anything, or no reason to believe that anything is going to be unsafe in this country or to u.s. interests overseas, if you have a loved one in uniform. this has so many tentacles to t nts all of them positive. >> i think that is right. you have outlined it. the uncertainty that surrounds what happened next. where osama bin laden had been celebrated at certain points, in pakistan, there was a huge bounty on his head, he was not turned n now, more details about the kind of security that he was living n you see security tighten around the white house as well. this is an uncertain time in the middle east. they make a transition to democracy. the street protests in the middle east today are not
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carrying plaque cards in support of osama bin laden. they want democracy, they want a better way of life. again, as the president outlined this was a sense of what the united states was capable of. >> david gregory, in the washington bure oempt i am told we have darsy spencer. that is toward the back end of lafayette park. >> reporter: i am next to the adams hotel. behind me, lafayette park. all the demonstrations are taking place tonight. people very excited. i can say at least at this hour, nobody is sleeping at the white house. there are loud demonstrations taking place outside the white
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house. we came here almost right away. we have seen a steady stream of people coming here. a lot of them young people. we are close to george washington university. many were in their dorm rooms, studying for their finals, got word that osama bin laden had been taken out. took a break to come here to lafayette park to join in the celebration. we have seen thousands of people. many of them students, some of them say, studying political science. they see it an important part of history. many are waving american flags, they are chanting,us ausa! some of them singing the national anthem. a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, many of them found out to come here to lafayette park this is how young people
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are communicating. after 1:00 in the morning in the nation's capital, they celebrate the demise of osama bin laden. there is traffic in the streets. people are beeping horns, and waving flags. i mentioned after 9/11, we saw a resurgence of patriotism. people proud of their country tonight. proud that osama bin laden has been taken out. it has taken ten years. >> gaining a sense of the flavor of the crowd. in the center of the shot. we were waiting for this to happen. some security vehicle, with
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stroeb lights, made its way through the middle of the crowd. it will be interesting. this is happening across the street from where the obamas live. the white house, where the leader of the free world and his family are hoping to catch some sleep tonight. and security given, being what it is in washington, in -- pennsylvania avenue is not closed today because of 9/11, it was the oklahoma city bombing, including the clinton family, that it was a vulnerable structure with a working two-way
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thorou thoroughfare. i remember being dropped off for work, out in front of that building. and on occasion, my wife would drop me off at work pick up passengers, it is hard to believe now, mid 90s it was still a street. before you get to the fence at the white house, which is well policed and guarded and watched constantly by a lot of electronics. darcy raced an important point. washington is every inch a college town. i tried at least two of them there. are a bunch of campuses, i have
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seen one georgetown hoodie. there is ground zero in new york. you see the corrugate d chain-link fences that have we have had photo displays, and personal messages. >> he is the recipient of the medal of honor for his actions in the vietnam war. jack, we turn to him on military questions. i am not surprised it was carried out by, i am curious
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about the helicopters they flew in there. >> they are likely to be ma 60s. they could be anything. the i think it is interesting to ♪ that competition of the force that went in there was probably small. i don't know how much we are ever going to here who was involved. my guess, it was a relatively small force. >> you and i have talked about special opens, openists in our position are let in i am privileged to have been in places where american lives are
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in danger, and telling conditions, american lives are at stake. you would not turn and say what we witnessed. they have astoundingly stealthy methods and vehicles and the best training on the face of the earth. >> you see how they live in training most people would be acintronished at that as well. the camaraderie and dedication involved here are beyond belief. i think one of the most interesting things, the
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development of the intelligence, it comes on the heels of the general being named to take over the cia. the demonstrates how much they depend on intelligence, indeed how operations may come to encompass only. this is an example today. >> especially as we start to get more information about what went on in the mission. the control room start ed ros g what an interesting angle from
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the obama white house. other than committing troop s i in -- >> we should remember, president clinton was called by president obama tonight. president clinton, when i was working for him. we began the journey of trying to find. we were reviewing covert action opportunities. challengi challenging. >> this is the process since the when you are talking with jack
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about the aircraft, and the mission, this was not a quick hop across the border. this isn't 10, 20 miles from pack tan. that is significant. there is a lot of exploitation. what they found inside that compound. computers, the pocket litter from the compound will be for impending attacks. even though osama bin laden is dead, al qaeda is still operating. there will be a lot of d--
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frankly, he was a threat to their success of this mission, arguing that the it a sovereignty issue was difficult for them to deal with. >> not to violate any bonds of trust with your old colleague, how obsessed were you as individuals in getting this guy? >> very much. there is a list of top tier of operational command and control
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people we wanted to eliminate. you eliminate the top tier. it was important to recognize, once he is gone, there are many to be -- when we have the intelligence to go after these people. >> amazing scenes, it is great to have the intel, from a person who has been in the national security business for so many years, as we try to i think we have been accurate and fair.
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after effects. at the same time. americans hungry to feel good about something. those who suffered a great loss are coming out with lafayette park across from the white house. across the street from that gathering check, the line, that chain of events leading up to tonight. >> you can hear with the doors closed. i am here in the brady the first
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family f they are not asleep, are hearing from the crowd. he gave the order to get bin laden before he got on to air force 1, he had gone to kennedy space center, and on to miami. it was three hours later they identified it. the walking and chewi-- the fol
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there, maintaining this plan, this the ob -- in june of 2009, he wanted an operational plan to get osama bin laden once and for all. this is a bit more ramped up with the president than what we have heard in previous years of determination. when george w. bush chose to remain in the book. to give up and look alarmed, on the get -- every president who
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has come to that dinner has done comedy. it is a one night, where media and the people they cover, have fun. he had to do it. the military command er knew. of course, never gave an eye lash of -- >> it is just one of those things you have to keep going. you are not going about your daily lives, you because of the economics down turn, it will be
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interesting to watch the poles, a moment like this can have a tremendous effect on the american psyche. two, three months from now, we will see. it is a big moment in american history. >> again, cluck reports, you can hear the noise. tonight, tonight is pure joy. the din, everybody is just kind
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of cheering at the same rate of volume as what they first alived. ditto the crowdses in low er manhattan. if you have gatherings where you are, send in we are working at airi them it. a lot of them on college campuses, tonight. if you are in college, and i have a college student in my household, doing the same thing. this is the event that marked your developeration. look at that front page, generation, some other times, i will tell you what newspapers.
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>> often called the newspaper of record, that is tomorrow's two-line headline. that now familiar impackage said all of the videotapes we have been forced to watch the death to america messages, so routine, hads been years of s and l parody's when it was okay to in heavily fortify ied home.
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in in a somehow shielded by the after the u.s. flooded the battle field, and had eyes on everything that the end came in a very fortified compound. look at that picture! crowds have spilled out of lafayette square. across, what is really about four lanes of pennsylvania average. all of this bathed in light. they are right up near to keep
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people off the grass. >> it has been an on-going story, is in lib ya, report ed n the death of osama bin laden. >> they didn't know acstan was >> if will be overwhelming positive. saying that osama bin laden trying to kill the wife of the
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pakistan president. he was an enemy of the pakistani people. they didn't know this assassination of osama bin laden was underway. >> the burden of proof in the always doubts and rumor. remember the sons of saddam hussein. >> the commanding general said, should we show them to the iraqi people. i said, absolutely, the people
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aren't going to believe you. they did release the pictures. and ultimately, the picture of saddam himself, they want to make sure this attack did take place. people have heard about the americ american -- if they can't convince people here across the arab world this event took place, it could be a significant blow to al qaeda. they will deny it. it will do a great deal to enhance the perceived capability
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of organizations. j j,-sock is almost its own division of the u.s. military. will ranger, then penetration teams, delta and navy seals, air assault missions, modified blackhawks and assault a target. it seems like you will see some awards over the next year or so. >> indeed, a flepd of mine, retired from delta.
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received for his den wall, just he knows what it stands for. they knew what it stood for, for his service in the u.s. military, he is extremely proud to have that on the wall of his den. ron, describe the scene down there for us. >> reporter: i was talking to somebody, saying that we have been here time and time again over it is years. we have never seen such cubeulation tonight it is time to celebrate. we hear, usa!
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usa! people climbing up, popping c cha -- you are all students right, how do you feel about what happened here? >> i feel great! it is america! it is time to party, he is dead! >> what else you are feeling about tonight? >> i think this is a good day for all of us to come together, and it is a good feeling for everybody. >> do you sfeel some of that? >> i think it is a great atmosphere! it is great. really is. >> a couple of veterans, and first respendors, a mix of people come here to ground zero.
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tonight, it is about celebration, it is also about, it is hard to think about osama bin laden without think bulldog what brought us here as well. a lot of celebration, others thinking about what happened here as well. people come from brooklyn, new jersey. where do you come from? >> brooklyn. >> how do you feel about being here tonight? >> justice. >> a lot of people are saying that. a lot of conflicting signals and we are getting a lot of messages from new york city firefighters.
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343 to, name one category new york city firefighters died going in, at a time they were trying to get others to get out. very emotional about tonight. a lot of new yorkers remain emotional about what happened. similar gather other than -- there is a follow one of the tickers. the in times square they are trying to i am sure they are
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trying to be gentle about crowd control. different occasions we have had protests across the street from the protect gathering during the ve vietnam war. different from tonight. we have keep emphasizing for you, what will this mean to tomorrow in the united states? >> it will changeus policy. you can't underestimate the
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value. we know there will be reaction citizens be attentive for another this is not limited to pakistan or afghanistan. they are concerned about reactions or retaliant. people are being warned to to areas that know to be dangerous. >> i think initially, there is a
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moment what we see on the streets of the state department, the he was so -- the links to osama bin laden, what we had with the uss cole, all of these events preceding 9/11. the state defense and the officials lost in the pentagon. you can't see the reaction in the streets.
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psalm whatever it was unique. that is why this reaction is occurring young and ohm old. >> knowing that a lot of -- their may be a lot of different reacs to this around the world. the flashing like, the shot we were just on. beyond that line, at the top of your -- generally, when you see the guys in white dirts, air pants that is the barricades,
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from the "today" show. same they will unload them to create a second barier they are trying to not to i am sure they will move gingerly. perhaps on orders from pakistan tv. what may be the second most important picture of the night. there was an xranchlg of gunfire. that again, these pictures are
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coming in that appears to be pakistan military that is what we have got. that would -- david gregory is watching them with you can see, living on the lamb, on the run, behind multiple players of security and thicknesses of walls. >> i think it relates to the conversation you have been having over the past couple of years. the united states military is forcing him into hiding.
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he was in a wall ed fort. and bin laddinism is a real threat without command and control. the president will get a briefing from the head of national intelligence, and the in-house council and talk about outside of the scope of after the 9/11, he raised that spector, as he raised raised th
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question, whether or not it is possible now. moni bipartisan support for his continued vi village. talking about the components of this. you could teach a master's choice in foreign policy, what they did two wars committed as a result. how this news will be viewed in all kinds of places overseas.
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talk about domestic life. people may see some increase, changes, the squad cars going a and -->> it is interesting, the senior officials in the government knew it was coming. they had time to get any and the department of homeland security has given no guidance. we have a new system started auch tom ridge.
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now, a new noncolorfuled system. elevated or imminent. a lot of information, no claims to do that they would only do that if there was a threat to share. it has only judges happened. in term -- the fbi is telling them to pay attention, any inspired to. one other thing. saying as someone who worked in
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the defense defense. i am stunned none of this in any way leaked. very few people in cut in on that. and the fact that this was the best lead that u.s. had in the last eight -- >> the white house -- still, that is astonishing in and of tgz. >> i was going to raise this with you.
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in our electronic era, you know, it is hard to know that nobody text texted anything. >> by the way, i couldn't go out of town. not like that. >> the intimate meal of 26 saw the usual, you know, circle of people in government, military. sources, acquaintances, while fires was still going on outside in baghdad, people were had reason to know. who as you say, would have said
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don't make any plans for tomorrow. you may want to hang around the office. >> nothing like that. >> it is a process that the right people didn't do just that. >> this is the way it is supposed to work. lives were at stake, the stakes could not have been higher. for those tuning in, after being out we keep saying, it is the first big news story, it moves the bar further, this thing, word that of the death of osama bin laden got out whatever you
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subscribe you to you got it either they wai a text, e-mail this was, this spread very quickly. some members of the news media were told, flat out, get to your office, here is y why. given the information, and others, get to work. we knew that president was going to be speaking at first, we were told 10:30 p.m. that the first assumption that
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it would be about that and did not kill him. >> listening to all this coverage. and general, for folk who is are about to learn, in the next knowing we don't have the specifics on this yet, how likely are have what i am astounded a large and heavily
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fortified compound. >> the cutting edge, i would be astonish a -- say, particularly, the intelligence community, combined of as, land and sooe under the command, include 300 raids, they are capable people.
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constantly from down -- gives you an opportunity to typh it off if you need to. do you go in guns blazing. >> some navy seal probably, lieutenant commander, ten years at bar, we did what is called persistent surveillance. they want watch people now, from weeper to predators, for a month at a time.
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combined with electronic internet. and it is amazing he evaded scrutiny. and rkt no internet contact, no cell phones, at the end of the day, he was betrayed. >> line we heard in the movies, you will make a mistake. many, make no doubt about it, yourself i would be astonished.
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there were local place say the c c c com -- there were local police there. that was a long haul, which i assume was in afgap stan. >> we begin to explain, really to all of us really, how it is this military raid was launched succe successful. one woman, being used as a human field. the one or two hangers-on from
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that battle. >> how exactly they will prove to a skeptical part of the world he is indeed death. lafayette to pennsylvania avenue. i hope the first responders aren't being heavy handers with this crowd, a lot of flags, flights all that kind of thing. joe adams becomed he should flood into the streets to celebrate the republic itself. we have done so after every major event. that is a continuation of what
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we are hearing from people who say this is in memory of the 72 police officers n new york, the 343 firefighters who died in new york. the news announced in the east room of the white house. after close to a decade. personification of evil in a world that was vflted sideways by the perverse terrorism. osama bin laden has been killed by u.s. military special forces, an order issued by the president of the united states who announced to the nation and the world tonight t had been a successful mission! now what, for the united states and the world reaction. for tonight, it gets


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